Paper Counterpart: What you need to know

After Monday the 8th of June 2015, the paper counterpart of your UK driving licence will be abolished and can be destroyed.

Paper Counterparts: What you need to know

The DVLA have announced the abolishment of paper counterparts to the UK driving licence which means they will no longer be legal documents and as of Monday the 8th of June, can be freely shred, burnt or destroyed as you see fit.

Paper Counterpart: What you need to know

Paper counterparts are to be abolished due to a new digital "Share Driving Licence service" that will give drivers access to the their drivers licence information and allow them to share this with whomever they need to. The information can either be requested via post, telephone or on the internet and third parties like employers and car hire companies will be able to request access to this with your permission if required.

One benefit of not having a paper counterpart in circulation is drivers will no longer need to worry about keeping it safe or paying £20 for a new one if they do lose it. While driving licence fees were recently reduced in an effort to reduce costs for motorists, elimination of the problem all together is certainly much better news.

The DVLA have said "If you already hold a paper counterpart, after 8 June 2015 it will no longer have any legal status. You should destroy your paper counterpart after this date but you still need to keep your current photocard driving licence."

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