What does a used car warranty cover?

Our Used Car Warranty protects you in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown. We have broken this down by specifying what is and isn't covered under our warranty cover.

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Car Warranty Quote

It only takes 60 seconds!

There are literally thousands of mechanical and electrical parts which go into making a typical car, van or 4×4. In order to claim to be the UK’s highest level of warranty cover, we have to provide cover for all of them!

What's Covered

You make sure your car is serviced correctly and has no known faults when you take out the cover, and we’ll protect you against any unexpected or premature failures of covered parts. It couldn’t be more simple or transparent.

I have designed this warranty to cover the cost of repairing your car when something goes wrong. We understand that feeling of dread when your car needs a repair, as a gargantuan repair bill can really throw the proverbial spanner in the works.

We will cover you if a part stops working and requires immediate repair or replacement before it will work again from day 1. We’ll also cover you if that part isn’t working properly (after 30 days or 1,000 miles and up to 10 years old and 100,000 miles) and is likely to break down before the expiry of your plan. This is the fairest way!

We Cover More Parts

Warrantywise constantly compare the marketplace to make sure we cover more parts, and we want to give you the highest level of warranty protection on the market. However, the option is available to you to choose a lower level of cover to suit your budget. The main point is that you can rest assured Warrantywise will provide the best level of cover to suit your needs and your wallet.

All Makes and Models Included

There are thousands of different makes and models on the UK roads, and unlike other warranty firms, we cover all of them. So there’s no need to waste time checking to see if your vehicle is eligible!

Repairs at Approved Repairer, Main Dealer or Local Garage

You select the Labour Rate you need and then use any VAT registered repairer of your choice. Or, if you prefer we do have approved repairers we can recommend with national account facilities.

Protection up to the Retail Value of your car at the time you take out the Warranty

Your car will depreciate over time, but the value and use of our Warrantywise plan won’t. Whenever you make a claim you’re still protected the same as you were when you first took out the plan with us.

No Limit to the Number of Repairs

There’s no limit to the number of repairs you can make, and you’re covered up to the retail value of your vehicle throughout.

No Contribution from you Towards Repair Costs

Repair costs are assessed in full, unless you agree at the outset to make a voluntary contribution, for which we will reduce your price.

£500 Car Hire, £250 Recovery, £250 Overnight Hotel, Travel Expenses and Unlimited Protection in Europe

£50 car hire per day up to 10 days, Roadside & recovery up to 3 claims per year (£250 limit per claim), travel expenses & unlimited cover in Europe.

Most Importantly. No Weasel Words

Everything is spelt out in plain English and written by Quentin Willson himself, so you can rest assured in its honesty and transparency.

Vehicles Excluded

  1. Any Vehicle without a current MoT VT20 Certificate. Any vehicle privately imported from outside of the EU and not originally supplied via the manufacturer’s EU authorised dealer.
  2. Any Vehicle inaccurately described within your Application, on Your Plan Schedule or which contradicts your Vehicle's V5 registration document or service history record.
  3. Any Vehicle where documentary proof shows that the mileage/distance reading has been altered or interfered with and is in reality significantly higher than displayed.
  4. Any Vehicle (prior to the date of repair) declared as an insurance category A, B or S (formerly C) insurance write-off or stolen and recovered or any category N without our express permission.
  5. Any Vehicle used within a hire or reward business including, but not limited to: taxis, driving schools, lease and rental vehicles.
  6. Any motor car, box van or camper van, more than 3500 kgs MTPLM, motor home more than 7500 kgs MTPLM, touring caravan more than 8 metres in overall length and 1850kgs MTPLM or 2 wheeled motor cycles more than 1800cc engine capacity.
  7. Any Vehicle used in any competition, race, rally or track day event, off road or any previous public service vehicle such as a bus or police, ambulance, fire or military.
  8. Any Vehicle modified from the manufacturer’s approved specification.
  9. Any Vehicle where ‘you’ are the owner, proprietor or director of a motor trade business, vehicle auction, repair garage, vehicle leasing, hire or rental company.
Note: If after Your Plan is established any of the above circumstances come to light, unless we have made special provision which is noted on Your Plan Schedule, Your Plan will be cancelled and all charges refunded less any previously authorised Repair Costs, Independent Vehicle Examiner costs and the Cancellation Fee.

Parts Excluded

  1. Any service parts periodically replaced during the manufacturer's recommended servicing of the Vehicle unless any such items are (at our discretion) authorised within the costs of a valid repair providing the Vehicle is not within 1,000 miles or 30 days of its next scheduled service.
  2. All non-mechanical and non-electrical Parts.
  3. Any Part or Addition particularly excluded from or not specifically included within Your Plan.
  4. Any Part that has NOT suffered a Breakdown (as defined) or any Part that has NOT suffered or is NOT suffering a Failure Due to Wear and Tear (as defined). Quentin says: “We most definitely DO cover breakdown AND failure due to wear and tear for eligible cars as our full terms explain. The Part has to be suffering one of these for it to be covered under the warranty."
  5. Worn Out Parts.
  6. The repair or replacement of any Part not authorised by us.
  7. The repair or replacement of any Part where you (or your Repairer) have denied us the right to have that Part examined by an Independent Vehicle Examiner.
  8. The replacement of any camshaft timing belt, tensioner or any associated Repair Cost where it cannot be shown within the Vehicle's service record that the correct servicing of the camshaft belt and tensioner has been carried out previously.
  9. Any Part that has not suffered a Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear (as defined) but which is recommended for replacement by your Repairer.
  10. Any Part noted as requiring attention on any previous MoT Advisory Notice accompanying a DVSA MoT Certificate (VT20).
  11. Any Part noted as requiring attention on any previous servicing schedule or health check.
  12. Any items fitted to your Vehicle after the date of manufacture such as: roof racks, cycle carriers, tow bars, ladders, stabilisers and towing equipment etc (not a complete list).
  13. Any Part which has been in any way modified and is not to the manufacturer's approved specification or any Part damaged due to it being forced or operated incorrectly.
  14. Any Parts which are rusty, corroded or seized-up (such as catalytic convertors), Parts blocked up with carbon (such as EGR valves and DPF filters). Parts which have suffered Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear due to flooding or water ingress, de-lamination, condensation, freezing, burning, melting; a lack of or incorrect coolant, lubricant or fuel; blockage due to swarf or sludge; Parts which are electrically overloaded due to incorrect use of welding, starting or charging equipment; any fuel, fluid, coolant or oil leak not specifically included within Your Plan.
  15. The Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear of a Part of your Vehicle with inherent, common and regularly occurring manufacturing faults which were well publicised (such as Google Internet search) at the date you purchased this Plan together with any Part requiring replacement due to it being up-dated, superseded, re-designed or recalled by the manufacturer where you have no proof that the Part has been previously replaced.
  16. Any Part which has suffered a Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear due to a lack of or incorrect servicing, oil or coolant leak, negligence, neglect, misuse, broken by your Repairer, criminal damage, theft or attempted theft, accident or any Part not reported at the time of repair by your Repairer.
  17. Any Part which within the last 12 months has been the subject of a previous repair, attempted repair or documented as advised in need of repair.
  18. Parts covered by any other plan, warranty, guarantee or goodwill offer of settlement.

Independent Examiners

  1. The Breakdown of any Part which an Independent Vehicle Examiner believes more than likely existed on or before Your Plan Start Date or before the date of any later Addition.
  2. The Failure Due to Wear and Tear of any Part which an Independent Vehicle Examiner believes more than likely existed or was developing within the initial period of 30 days and 1,000 miles (whichever occurs later) from Your Plan Start Date or from the date of any later Addition.
  3. The Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear of any Part which an Independent Vehicle Examiner believes occurred after Your Plan had expired.
  4. The Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear of any Part which an Independent Vehicle Examiner identifies as being aggravated due to the Vehicle being driven on after the incident had occurred. (In such cases Your Plan will only pay the reasonable Repair Cost the Independent Vehicle Examiner believes would have resulted should your Vehicle have been stopped at the earliest opportunity).
  5. Any Repair Cost request which an Independent Vehicle Examiner confirms is ‘not’ due to any Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear (as defined).
  6. The Failure Due to Wear and Tear of any Part which an Independent Vehicle Examiner believes is due (in whole or in part) to a lack of any previous servicing (as recommended by the manufacturer), negligence, accident or which is revealed to be in such condition during any accident repairs.


  1. Any Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear caused by the use of contaminated or incorrect fuel, fluid or lubricant or caused by any foreign object or debris or any flushing or cleaning not reasonably considered within the costs of a valid repair including any adjustments, alignments or software related issues.
  2. Unless there is proof of Consequential Failure this Plan does not include the cost of fitting multiple Parts by your Repairer or Parts recommended for replacement by your Repairer as good engineering practice (other than for covered Parts Replaced in Pairs or those that fail the annual MoT when the MoT Addition is included) and in such cases we will exercise our discretion and usually only pay the average costs of Parts and Labour.
  3. Any repair request prior to the date of receipt and/or mileage of your Mileage Photo when requested.
  4. Any Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear where your Vehicle’s mileage/distance reading at the time and date of Failure is not supported by its previous service history and cannot be verified as correct or relied upon to be an accurate representation of your Vehicle’s total mileage.
  5. If at any time during the Period of Your Plan we use our discretion to authorise a repair on a goodwill basis which would otherwise have been excluded then this does not set any precedent and does not mean we will necessarily authorise any similar future repairs.
  6. Any liability for death, bodily injury, damage to property, loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses or any other loss caused directly or indirectly by any event giving rise to a repair request under the terms of Your Plan.
  7. Any liability caused directly or indirectly by war, riot or any similar event or by vandalism, theft or attempted theft from the Vehicle or by bad weather such as lightning, wind or flood.

Quentin Willson – Motoring Journalist

“I believe this to be the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty, but I couldn’t design a cover for every eventuality. So, to avoid future disappointment please read the following list of limitations. If you think anything is unfair or needs changing then email me directly at: quentinwillson@warrantywise.co.uk.”

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