Warrantywise Case Studies

We love the fact that we help thousands of customers avoid expensive repair bills every year. So we have taken the liberty of contacting some of our customers to hear just how Warrantywise helped them in their time of need.

Kerry Pain Case Study

Kerry Pain

Volkswagen Golf - £750 REPAIR

After the warranty on Ms Pain’s Volkswagen Golf expired, herself and her father Andrew, wanted to protect the car with an extended warranty...

Norman West Case Study

Idris Adam

Ford Focus - £1,016.64 REPAIR

After the manufactures warranty expired on Mr Adam’s Ford Focus, he further wanted to protect his car with an extended warranty. After looking around on the market he rang...

Norman West Case Study

Norman West

Vauxhall Insignia - £1,217.20 REPAIR

Upon purchasing his Vauxhall Insignia, Mr West wanted to protect his car with a warranty, and after doing some research Mr West decided to use Warrantywise, he has been a...

Edward Smith Case Study

Edward Smith

Chevrolet Captive - £1,724 REPAIR

Mr Smith purchased his warranty in 2015 and over the years, he has had to request repairs on two occasions. Having encountered a couple of faults with his car...

John Bankes Case Study

John Bankes

Jaguar X Type - £589.35 REPAIR

He has since renewed multiple times and has been a valued Warrantywise customer for the past five years. Mr Bankes decided to choose Warrantywise as it was the most comprehensive and he was able to tailor...

Joanna Fisher Case Study

Joanna Fisher

Porsche 911 Turbo - £2,574.33 REPAIR

Over the years Miss Fisher has encountered various faults with her car. The faults varied from Electrical faults to Suspension and Steering faults. The most recent fault occurred...

Geraint Owen Case Study

Geraint Owen

BMW X5 - £721.06 REPAIR

During a routine check in March 2017, a fault was diagnosed with the engine oil. Mr Owen said, “The engine oil had been changed and despite the amount of oil...

Graham Dove Case Study

Graham Dove

Mercedes GL - £1,670.52 REPAIR

Mr Dove recently took his Mercedes GL to his local Mercedes garage when the boot lock on his car failed to work. Mr Dove said, “When the boot lock went on the car...

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