Warrantywise Case Study #10 – David Stuckey

Every month Warrantywise contact a customer who has received excellent service from us and has encountered a recent repair. This month Warrantywise contacted David Stuckey. Find out what he has to say for yourself here!





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Repeat customer David Stuckey

Mr Stuckey has been a Warrantywise customer for over six years...

He purchased his first warranty in 2010, and over the years, he has had to request repairs on multiple occasions. Having encountered various faults with his car, Mr Stuckey has been paid, in total, £1,325.20.

The most recent repair Mr Stuckey encountered was to replace a blower motor. Mr Stuckey said, “The fault had been an intermittent fault with the blower refusing to work at times, but it was slowly getting worse. I took my car to the Mercedes Specialist that I now use and they diagnosed the problem. I contacted Warrantywise and they authorised the work and the repair was done a few days later. I had to pay for the repair but Warrantywise sent me a cheque promptly.”

Mr Stuckey further went on to say, “My car is 12 years old now and I have had a Warrantywise warranty for the last six years. I took my first warranty in 2010 which was three years. I then took out one for two years and now I am in my third policy which will expire in Aug 2017.”

When purchasing his Mercedes SLK Mr Stuckey had been recommended to purchase a Warrantywise used car warranty. He stated, “Warrantywise was recommended to me by the service manager of the Mercedes main dealer I used. I had bought my Mercedes SLK 320 new in 2004 and it was coming up to six years and I wanted to extend my warranty cover, at that time Mercedes did not offer a warranty extension for cars that were over six years old. I was especially pleased to be able to chose the level of labour rate which at that time was £150 an hour being charged at a Mercedes Main Dealer.”

“Warrantywise was recommended to me by the service manager of the Mercedes main dealer I used.”

Mr Stuckey stated that he has recommended Warrantywise many times over the years. He described Warrantywise as, “Reliable, trustworthy and competitive.”

Mr Stuckey was full of praise when describing his overall experience with Warrantywise, he concluded by saying. “I have found Warrantywise to consistently deliver a good standard of service, the staff have been well organised and knowledgeable and I think they offer good value for money. Using a product like Warrantywise has given me the necessary support to keep my car longer than I would otherwise have done.”

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