Warrantywise Case Study #15 – Edward Smith

Every month Warrantywise contact a customer who has received excellent service from us and has encountered a recent repair. This month Warrantywise contacted Edward Smith. Find out what he has to say for yourself here!





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Edward Smith


Mr Smith wanted to further protect his car, and after thorough research he decided to use Warrantywise. Mr Smith stated, "After considerable research the overall cover offered from Warrantywise was comprehensive and tailorable as to inclusions and exclusions. It was not a one size fits all policy."

Mr Smith purchased his warranty in 2015 and over the years, he has had to request repairs on two occasions. Having encountered a couple of faults with his car, Mr Smith has been paid, in total, £1,724.00.

The most recent repair Mr Smith encountered was due to a fault with the fuel system. Mr Smith explained, "The spasmodic appearance of the engine management light was a potential risk that should not be ignored. Initially I tried a home mechanics approach using OBD2 code reader. This indicated various possibilities but was not able to pinpoint exactly. One of the possibilities was a potential cause related to fuel flow and semi-blocked fuels filters. I had these replaced at my own expense to see if this was the cause. As this did not resolve the problem I notified Warrantywise."

Mr. Smith went on to further state:

"My notification was swiftly acknowledged and the interaction between my service dealer and Warrantywise via the 1link reporting system was efficient and swift, as was notification to me by the Warrantywise team members in replying to me and providing the claim documentation. Payment was made directly by Warrantywise to my service dealer".

"The two claims I have made have been handled extremely well. I encourage fellow motoring forum members to use Warrantywise"

Mr Smith emphasised the benefits of a used car warranty by stating, "I am a senior contributor to the Chevrolet Owners forum and I have regularly encouraged my fellow forum members to take out Extended Warranty once the original warranty expires. In direct contrast, one of our forum members has been without their vehicle for over 8 weeks due to a gearbox problem and sadly now faces a bill of several thousand pounds. When I asked if they had taken out Extended Warranty cover their answer was no they hadn’t and didn’t think they needed to as the vehicle wasn’t that old!"

Edward Smith


as being "Reliable, honourable and efficient" and stated that he has recommended Warrantywise many times over the years, "As a senior contributor to the Chevrolet Owners Club Forum I have been a strong advocate of protecting a vehicle once the original Manufacturer’s Warranty expires. I have made several posts on the forum over the past five years promoting Warrantywise cover."

Mr Smith was full of praise when describing his overall experience with Warrantywise, he concluded by saying. "It has been a very painless experience. The two claims I have made have been handled extremely well. I encourage fellow motoring forum members to use Warrantywise.

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