Warrantywise Case Study #14 – John Bankes

Every month Warrantywise contact a customer who has received excellent service from us and has encountered a recent repair. This month Warrantywise contacted John Bankes. Find out what he has to say for yourself here!




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John Bankes

Upon purchasing his Jaguar X Type, Mr Bankes also purchased a warranty from Warrantywise

He has since renewed multiple times and has been a valued Warrantywise customer for the past five years.

Mr Bankes decided to choose Warrantywise as it was the most comprehensive and he was able to tailor the warranty to his needs.

The fault occurred during normal driving when Mr Bankes started to hear a noise. Mr Bankes stated, “The noise started over the weekend, so I avoided driving the car and took it into Universal Clutches on Monday morning. I then went to work on the train and called Warrantywise first thing,. The car was fixed the following day, which was brilliant.”

Mr Bankes stated that he has no hesitation in recommending Warrantywise to his friends and family as he was extremely impressed, he went on to describe Warrantywise as, “Fast, fair and efficient.”

“The car was fixed the following day, which was brilliant.”

Mr Bankes was full of praise when describing his overall experience with Warrantywise, he concluded by saying, “This was my first real experience with Warrantywise as it was my first claim, and I almost did not expect they would cover the repair, but they did and that made my week.”

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