Warrantywise Case Study #18 – Kerry Pain

Every month Warrantywise contact a customer who has received excellent service from us and has encountered a recent repair. This month Warrantywise contacted Kerry Pain. Find out what she has to say for yourself here!





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Kerry Pain Case Study

CASE STUDY #18 – Kerry Pain

After the warranty on Ms Pain’s Volkswagen Golf expired, herself and her father Andrew, wanted to protect the car with an extended warranty. After looking around on the market they rang Warrantywise for a quote. Mr Pain said, “We shopped around for the warranty, but primarily it was very easy to tailor the Warrantywise cover to exactly what we wanted, such as, excess, hourly rate, parts covered, and we got comprehensive cover for a good price, so we decided to go ahead with Warrantywise.”

When booking the warranty Ms Pain selected the MOT addition, so when the MOT failed on emissions they contacted Warrantywise. Mr Pain stated. “When the MoT failed on emissions we did, however, disagree over the terms of cover. As the initial diagnosis on the MOT test kit was a Lambda sensor fault and possible exhaust leak, Warrantywise agreed to cover these, but when it was retested a week later and a diagnostics system hooked up it was found to be a turbo fault, and by this time the MoT had run out and we weren't covered.”

Mr Pain then decided to contact Quentin Willson, he stated:

“As part of being a Warrantywise Customer, if you are not happy with a repair decision you can email Quentin directly. So I emailed Quentin not expecting a result. However, within hours him and the Warrantywise CEO had reviewed the repair request and approved the repair saving my daughter £750!”

Mr Pain was full of praise when describing their overall experience with Warrantywise, he concluded by saying, “We are very pleased that Warrantywise did what they said they would, and that Quentin responded so quickly to our request. I'd thoroughly recommend Warrantywise without question, many thanks from both of us.”

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