Warrantywise Case Study #8 – Mehmet Hurer

Every month Warrantywise contact a customer who has received excellent service from us and has encountered a recent repair. This month Warrantywise contacted Mehmet Hurer. Find out what he has to say for yourself here!





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Long time customer Mehmet Rumer

Mr Hurer has been a customer with Warrantywise for over 8 years...

He initially purchased a three year plan with his previous car, a Volkswagon Passat. He encountered a problem with the Passat and upon receiving excellent service from Warrantywise, Mr Hurer had no hesitation in taking out another Warrantywise warranty for his current car, an Audi A4.

Mr Hurer took his car into the Audi dealership for its annual service and MOT. Although he was not experiencing any problems with the car, the routine check noticed that there was a problem with the oil cooler which was leaking small amounts of oil, and if left untreated could have caused major damage to the engine. Mr Hurer mentioned to the dealership that he had a Warrantywise warranty, and from that point onwards it was dealt with by Warrantywise. Mr Hurer said,

“Some warranty companies expect you to pay for repairs and then put in a claim for a cheque – but this was not the case here, as the dealership liaised directly with Warrantywise, and within half an hour the dealership had approval to carry out the repairs.”

Mr Hurer’s car is now back with him and fully repaired. When asked if he would recommend Warrantywise to friends and family he said,

“In a word, definitely!”

Going on to describe Warrantywise as,

“Trustworthy, Efficient and Friendly.”

Mr Hurer was nothing short of praise for Warrantywise and finally concluded with saying,

“This is the second time I have claimed with Warrantywise and on both occasions they have been very efficient and helpful. Claims have been settled in full and on time, and been a very stress-free experience. They have always been easy to get hold of, both using email and over the phone. I have no hesitation recommending Warrantywise – i’ve been using them for over 8 years now.”
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