Ben Adams asks Warrantywise to take him on

Ben Adams

Better known for being part of British boy band A1, Ben Adams has been a long-term Warrantywise customer and has just renewed for another 36 months.

Ben doesn’t just have perfect hair: As well as 10 million record sales and many hit singles, he and his mum both drive Range Rover’s and after some careful consideration, they decided Warrantywise were the perfect choice when it comes to peace of mind and protection.

Speaking to Ben after renewing his cover he said

Driving cars like these where repair bills can easily run into the thousands, it makes so much sense to have an extended warranty…” adding “As a musician, I have to travel a lot and my car is an essential piece of my day to day life, my mum is a Psychotherapist so getting to her next appointment literally could be even more imperative.

As far as cars go, replacing parts in a Range Rover is by no means cheap or hassle free. Ben’s Range Rover needed a hand-brake repair last year which totalled at over £1400! Nobody likes to be ‘caught in the middle’ when it comes to getting their car repaired which is why Warrantywise dealt with Bens repairing garage of choice directly and let him get on with his busy schedule.

Here at Warrantywise, it’s important to us that we ‘make it good’ whenever our customers cars fail. We are delighted to have helped Ben and his mum get their Range Rovers back on the road and can imagine them driving off into the sunset playing “don’t want to lose you again”