Mat Watson joins Warrantywise for worry-free motoring

Mat Watson

Our latest Warrantywise Celebrity Customer is Motoring Journalist and Presenter, Mat Watson.

Known for being the go-to-guy when it comes to providing consumer buying advice on a wide range of cars, and presenting the world’s number 1 car review channel, carwow – with 64 million views a month, more than 1 billion in total and 4 million subscribers – Mat certainly knows his stuff when it comes to the car industry.

Mat has joined Warrantywise to make sure that his Porsche 996 is covered, and with a degree in Chemistry – Mat can easily see that Warrantywise has the perfect formula for worry-free motoring!

Here’s what Mat has to say about being covered with Warrantywise…

"The Porsche 996 is great to drive but it has a reputation for a few serious engine issues which can be extremely expensive to fix. Thanks to Warrantywise, I no longer have to worry about the financial risk I'm exposing myself to every time I turn the key, as in the rare event the worst does happen, they've got me covered. So now I can just get on and enjoy the car. Finally!

In the past, I've always bought famously reliable models. The Porsche is the first car where I ignored all the online advice about the potential mechanical faults and got one anyway. I just wanted one so much. I knew what I was getting into when I bought the car and thought I could accept the risk. But it was always at the back of my mind hanging over every drive like a dark German storm cloud of pending mechanical and financial catastrophe!

I’ve signed up with Warrantywise for peace of mind, that's all. Statistically, I doubt I'll need the warranty. Trouble is, I'm a worrier by nature and bought a car a worrier should never buy!”

If, like Mat, you want to make sure that your pride and joy gets the protection it deserves, sign up with Warrantywise – the UK’s leading extended car warranty provider – and you’ll get complete peace of mind from day one!

Find out more or get your quick quote now – we’ve got you covered!