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8 Of The Best Cars For The Golfer.

A cartoon image of a golfer in a car looking like he is considering which car to buy

Anyone who frequents the greens will tell you – it’s hard to find a car that will comfortably carry all of their bulky equipment. When you have to lug around two golf bags full of clubs plus a couple of golf buggies and a spare battery, things can really start to get cramped.

We have decided to gather a list of some of the best cars for the Golfer with some information, specifications and reviews from our friends at Carbuyer to help you make a decision on your next purchase. Please be aware there are terrible golf puns in this article (Sorry, not sorry).

Honda CRV

Honda CRV car

Price £22,345 – £34,120

Load Capacity – 1,669 litres

The Honda CR-V is an excellent family car that is on a par with some of the more luxurious German rivals such as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

Masses of space inside, good sturdy build quality and fantastic safety put the CR-V a fairway ahead of the competition.

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 car

Price £45,750 – £63,705

Load Capacity – 1,951 litres

The Volvo XC90 offers a huge amount of space inside for passengers and boot space is in abundance to allow for those chunky golf bags.

A little birdie told us that the space and practicality of the XC90 makes it the perfect car for any Golfer.

Skoda Octavia

Price £16,285 – £27,750

Load Capacity – 1,580 litres

The Skoda Octavia is possibly the perfect blend of practicality, interior space and value for money.

Traffic Police have made good use of the Octavia in the past too so it just goes to show; With the right Driver, you can really go the distance.

Skoda Octavia car

Ford C-Max

Price £18,195 – £26,145

Load Capacity – 1,684 litres

The Ford C-Max offers a high seating position, a good view of the road, a ton of interior space to suit even the most comprehensive of caddies and of course, a brilliant drive.

Driving position and ease of access to loading areas make the C-Max a sensible choice for puttering to the golf club.

Ford C-Max Car

Volkswagen Touareg

Price £43,605 – £48,405

Load Capacity – 1,642 litres

The Volkswagen Touareg is the strongest off road machine on this list. If you frequent courses of the beaten track and need something a little more rough then look no further.

Made to rival the likes of the Porsche Cayenne, the powerful Touareg will leave your fellow golfers feeling green.

Volkswagen Touareg SUV

Kia Sorento

Price £28,795 – £41,000

Load Capacity – 1,530 litres

The Kia Sorento a full bodied SUV that offers a good drive with more interior space than you can swing a club at and some fresh, modern styling to boot.

Power, handling and road visibility are brilliant in this Kia and its fair to say she’s a true four by fooour!

Kia Sorento


Price £33,795 – £45,895

Load Capacity – 1,600 litres

The BMW X3 provides the quality and luxury of a more upmarket SUV in a smaller, more practical package.

The size, stature and load space are the main selling points to the X3 although power is certainly not lacking. Just like you, the X3 is an Ultimate Driving Machine.

Kia Sorento

Bentley Continental GT

Price £140,300 – £168,300

Load Capacity – 360 litres

The Bentley Continental GT is the perfect accomplice for the lone, stately golfer. The boot is just big enough for a full set of golf clubs.

You don’t need an eagle eye to spot how gorgeous the Continental is. Driving a Bentley to the club is ideal for many.

Bentley Continental GT

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