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The Best Cars for Tall Drivers.

Trying to find a brand new car that fits all of your needs can be hard, and it can prove even more difficult when the driver is 6 foot tall!

Packing yourself into a Mini Cooper isn’t the brightest of ideas for many reasons – you will feel squashed, uncomfortable and won’t be able to drive to the best of your ability.

To help tall drivers out there struggling to find a car with spacious headspaces, we’ve picked out some cars that do the job.

Ford B-Max

The Ford B-Max boasts an impressive 1017mm of headspace in the driver’s seat and is the ideal choice for a driver looking for a super-mini. Ford made the B-Max to act as a larger version of the Fiesta; an all-round family favourite that is simply not practical for taller people.

The body shape of the B-Max is much taller than the original Fiesta. Rear-sliding doors behind the driver and passenger seats mean that taller people can even take a ride in the back seat without feeling crammed. They help people get in and out of the car with ease; making it a great all-round car for transporting people of all heights and ages!

Skoda Octavia Estate

For taller people looking for a spacious and roomy family car, the Skoda Octavia Estate is the perfect choice. The 983mm of front head room is smaller than the other cars we’ve mentioned but has a great amount of leg space.

The Octavia Estate was designed to be a larger and more spacious alternative to the Volkswagen Golf, and has an extra 15mm of headroom for backseat passengers compared to the original Skoda Hatchback.

This car is truly the perfect match for busy families and tall drivers. You can now get some space to drive the kids without feeling squashed in – result!

Mercedes-Benz S Class

The Mercedes-Benz S Class is one of the best luxury executive cars for taller people. The gorgeous design and the roomy hip-space mean that it’s truly an amazing business decision to drive the S Class to your fancy meetings!

Although this Mercedes fails to have extra spacy headroom in the front seats, the wide hip-space make it perfect for larger drivers. If you feel too confined by the seats you find in typical cars, give the S Class a spin. The luxurious leather and roomy seats will have you hooked instantly!

Audi Q7

For larger families looking for a spacious and stylish car, the Audi Q7 is a great option.

The 7-seater boasts a huge 1,071mm of headspace in the front seats and is one of the most spacious cars on the market right now. Compared to the older version of this car, it has an extra 68mm of headspace – one of the best upgrades that Audi have made!

Again, a truly amazing car for all people – not just taller drivers. Once you try out this car, we guarantee you’ll love it as much as we do!

Fiat Qubo

Perhaps one of the most commonly-known cars for tall drivers is the Fiat Qubo.

It’s the most spacious mini multipurpose van (MPV) on the market, which is also part-van and part-MPV. Although the car looks small on the road, the interior of the Fiat Qubo is surprisingly roomy!

The huge 1,063mm of front head room means that drivers can get away with being extra tall; so much so that we guarantee you’ll have a lot of space ABOVE your head!

Skoda Yeti

Are you an off-road driver who loves 4×4 driving, but struggles to find a car that suits your height? The Skoda Yeti is the perfect match for both, with the on/off road hybrid being ideal for taller drivers.

The Yeti’s superior system has a much more sensitive accelerator response too, which makes it super handy on slippery surfaces. There’s enough room in the Yeti to comfortably fit 4 tall people and the engine is frugal, handling only 2.0 litres of diesel.

The Yeti is truly amazing for both on and off-road driving; and get peace of mind knowing that you won’t bump you your head on the roof whilst driving over rugged terrain!

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

For drivers looking for a practical and affordable car with extra headroom for both drivers and passengers, the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is the best car for you.

The 7-seater MPV currently holds the record for the car with the most headroom for drivers available on the market right now, with the 1,200mm of front head room being perfect for extra-tall drivers!

The Grand Tourneo Connect also has 16 different seating configurations which are easily changeable depending on what you’re looking to transport. Looking for the perfect car to drive to the airport in, carrying 4 tall adults and room for luggage? This is the perfect vehicle for you!

The Warrantywise team know that finding your perfect car can be hard for drivers of all heights and sizes. We can provide all of these cars for tall drivers with some of the best car warranty around! To find out more, contact us.

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