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  • Warrantywise data reveals that the average cost of repair for the most popular brands comes to £603
  • Some brands are cheaper to repair than others with Peugeot, Ford and Suzuki leading the way, boasting average costs of £406, £421 and £424 respectively
  • On the other hand, Porsche, BMW and Subaru all have average repair costs of more than £700
  • Covering a Toyota with Warrantywise for six months will cost around £117, with the average claim costing £592, meaning your car could be covered for 2.5 years for the price of the average repair

Warrantywise data has found that buying a used car can come with unexpected bills of around £603. The Warrantywise team took average repair costs from the most popular models on our books, but found that the average bill can vary from £406 to £833 depending on manufacturer.

Among the most popular manufacturers, we found it was Peugeot, Ford and Suzuki that had the cheapest average repair costs, with claims on average coming to £406, £421 and £424 respectively. As a result, Peugeot has the cheapest average warranty cost, with six months of Warrantywise Platinum cover for just £103, meaning you can have total peace of mind, covering your Peugeot for around two years for the price of one average repair.

Representing the best value for money is Toyota, with Warrantywise data showing the average repair bill comes to £592, while the average Warrantywise cover comes to £117 for six months. That means your car will be protected from 2.5 years’ worth of unexpected bills.

Buyers looking at more exotic models from the likes of BMW and Porsche could be hit by surprise repair costs averaging £721 and £807 respectively, while Subaru models also rack up hefty bills, averaging £791 per claim.

Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of Warrantywise, said:

“If your car is over three years old, there’s an 84% chance of mechanical or electrical breakdown over the next three years, so a big bill is often waiting around the corner. Our data shows that repair costs can vary wildly by manufacturer and, in the case of some, come in at well over £700 on average. That’s why we always recommend that those looking at buying a used car also look at buying an aftermarket warranty – for a small price you can remove all the worry and risk that comes with driving a model no longer covered by its manufacturer.
Car Manufacturer Average Policy Cost Average Claim Comparison in Price
Toyota £117 £592 506%
Hyundai £123 £577 469%
Mazda £128 £617 482%
BMW £178 £721 405%
Volkswagen £133 £537 403%
Porsche £504 £807 106%
Land Rover £335 £623 186%
Audi £240 £643 268%
Peugeot £103 £406 394%
Subaru £255 £791 310%
Ford £117 £421 360%
Nissan £151 £521 345%
Suzuki £109 £424 389%
Honda £122 £535 439%

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