Quentin's Checklist

Quentin has created an easy to follow step-by-step checklist that will minimise the chance of any repair claim being declined. If you are unsure about any items in the list, please feel free to get in touch.

Car Warranty Quote

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Car Warranty Quote

It only takes 60 seconds!

Double check that you have the cover and additions you need

Make sure the cover you have satisfies your needs and your budget, and look at our optional additions to enhance your cover further. We give you 30 days to change anything you missed at inception, as long as you haven’t made a Repair.

Stop driving your vehicle the moment you think something is wrong!

If you carry on driving you can make the problem worse and could invalidate any Repair.

Make sure that your vehicle servicing is bang up to date, using a VAT registered garage

You make sure your car has been properly serviced and our warranty will look after your car.

Don’t repair your vehicle without our prior authorisation

You’ll be disappointed if you shell out loads of cash without logging a repair and then expect us to pay afterwards. Tell us what you’re doing before you pay for any repairs.

Expert examinations

If we are unsure about the exact nature of a part failure we may ask an expert engineer to examine your vehicle. This is a standard process and does assist in cutting out any confusion and debate.

Contact us for any advice and guidance or if your car needs repairing

If you are unsure about anything contact us on: 0844 335 1988 or read about our Repairs Procedure.

Lastly, if you think anything is unfair or needs changing

You can contact me (Quentin Willson) directly at quentinwillson@warrantywise.co.uk and I promise to personally review your problem …and Yes, it really is me!

Quentin Willson

“While I have designed this warranty to be better than all others, it can’t cover every eventuality so the better you understand what is and isn’t included the less you will be disappointed. If your car is a ‘clapped out banger’ then I am sorry but we just can’t help you! I've put together the following checklist to help you on your way to being wise about warranties”

Quentin Willson
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