Theo Paphitis Covers His Chromomobile With Warrantywise

Theo Paphitis

‘Formidable’ and ‘charismatic’ are words synonymous with Dragons’ Den TV star Theo Paphitis, so wrapping a Maybach 62S in chrome or covering it in gold go hand in hand with his confident persona.

The car itself cost over £300,000, before being ‘blinged’. The Maybach is viewed as the world’s most ostentatious limousine, at an incredible 6.2 metres long and weighing almost 3 tonnes. The 620bhp, V12 engine is capable of propelling this gigantic car to 60mph in just 5.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 155mph.

Just because Mr Paphitis is very wealthy, he doesn’t have a care-free attitude towards his cars. Theo is a genuine petrolhead, owning a Mercedes SL63 AMG, Audi R8 and Range Rover, to name but a few. He really does love cars. Warrantywise are therefore delighted that Theo has done the wise thing and protected his jaw-dropping Maybach with one of our warranties. Originally covered by a Maybach warranty, which then expired, another major provider was unwilling to cover such a rare car, so Warrantywise came to the rescue.

The warranty provided for this very special car cost over £4,000, which is excellent value, as the Maybach is such a mechanical tour-de-force and fitted with an abundance of technology.

Warrantywise’s MD Lawrence Whittaker flew to London today to present Theo Paphitis with his warranty, in the exclusive surroundings of The Ivy Club. They were joined by motoring journalist and Warrantywise’s well-known face, Quentin Willson. Quentin Willson said:

We’re very flattered that Theo has chosen Warrantywise to protect his precious Maybach. When it comes to value, service, quality and businesses that lead their market, everybody knows that Theo has the keenest eye of all.”

Theo can relax with the peace of mind that his beloved ‘Chromomobile’ is now covered again.