Household Tips with Anthea Turner – #2 How to Maintain your Washing Machine

We all rely on our washing machines to keep our clothes fresh and clean, however very few of us actually remember to regularly clean it. If your washing machine is not maintained and cleaned regularly, it is likely to breaking down. In order to banish bad odours, kill germs and prevent the build-up of lime scale, it is important to regularly clean your washing machine. We’ve teamed up with home expert, Anthea turner who shares her tips on how to maintain your washing machine.

Household Tips with Anthea Turner – How to Maintain your Washing Machine

Anthea’s tips on how you can clean and maintain your washing machine.

Clean the filter

Remove the filter and empty anything that may be trapped inside

Clean the door seals

With a cloth clean all the way around the seals on both sides of the door

Clean inside the seals

Dirt can get trapped inside the seals so if the seals are not cleaned regularly it will eventually rot the rubber and your washing machine may stop working

Get rid of excess residue water

If your washing machine has this feature, then remove the hose and drain out any excess water

Clean your detergent drawer

Clean the detergent drawer regularly to remove any detergent residue

Watch Anthea Turner’s guides as she shares her tips and demonstrates how to clean your Washing Machine, in order to keep it running efficiently.

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