Vulcan - Live Long and Aston

Vulcan - Live Long and Aston

News has been circulating of a new track-only Aston Martin which is set to be unleashed on the world at this years Geneva motor show and it's got everyone here at Warrantywise perched tentatively on our wheeley swivel chairs. Yes, despite Aston reportedly being in a less than favourable financial position, they have taken a very bold step with the creation of a new model.

It's called the Vulcan.

It's been a while since the plucky British firm dubbed one of it's offspring with a new name. More inclined to limited edition models with design and spec variations, the Vulcan has come as a very welcome sign to a lot of Aston fans who have been left wanting over the last few years.

Aston have been keeping the Vulcan card very close to their chest, with little to no official statements from the firm on its specifics. As a result, we have gleaned as much information from the World Wide Web as possible and compiled it in this post.

Aston Martin have released a 20 second teaser video of the Vulcan which gives some tasty hints as to what powers their latest beast. Take a look.

To the well tuned listener, those 20 seconds feature the sound of a large V12 engine working in perfect harmony with a surplus of technologically advanced hardware. The sound alone is enough to contort your face into something that resembles confused happiness.

Alas, that's all Aston has given away and we aren't likely to see anything further until the unveiling in Geneva this March. Still, that hasn't stopped the flow of rumours circulating the Internet.

Many believe the inspiration for the car's name came from the British Avro Vulcan bomber, which does seem likely due to Aston HQ in Gaydon being an old Vulcan base. At least more likely than the Star Trek connection. No doubt the Aston will have a death grip on the tarmac but that's probably just a happy coincidence.

Scattered among the excitement are some naysayers that believe the Vulcan will be nothing more than a racing version of the Vantage. Given Aston Martin's recent ventures you would be forgiven for thinking so, but there is something about the way the Vulcan is being shrouded in secrecy that gives the impression there is something seriously distinctive about to rear it's well groomed head. Whatever the outcome, the Vulcan will be an exclusive bit of kit as it's rumoured Aston Martin will only be making around 30 pieces.

What do you think the Vulcan will look like? A limited edition of a pre-existing model or something entirely new? Leave a comment!

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