In 1932, August Horch unveiled the Audi brand. Meaning “Listen” in Latin, Audi is one of three main German giants of the motor industry alongside BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It currently has some of the most stunning and luxurious vehicles on our roads and has earned a reputation for quality and finesse.

Audi Car Warranty

The Audi badge shows a ring for each of the founding companies that merged to form the Audi we know today, which has become a symbol for efficiency and motoring excellence all over the world.

In 1994, Audi unveiled the A8 which featured their new “Space Frame” concept. These new aluminium bodies saved extra weight and improved torsion rigidity compared to a conventional steel frame. The film “Iron Man” (2008) featured Tony Stark driving the Audi R8 through dusty desert terrain, while the Audi TT featured in the film “I, Robot” (2004) in the shape of a concept called the TT RSQ.

This Sci-Fi genre links seamlessly with what Audi stand for today and brings a whole new level to their slogan “Vorsprung Deurch Technik” (Advancement/Edge Through Technology).

In our opinion Audi’s are still one of the very best looking cars on the road at the moment, but they don’t look so good on the hard shoulder – Make sure you protect yourself with an Audi warranty from Warrantywise. We guarantee not to be beaten on price and cover for any Audi warranty.

Take a look at our recent paid repairs for Audi’s below:

Model Fault Code Amount Paid
Q7 Fuel Injectors £5745.08
A7 Gearbox (Various Faults) £5700.00
A4 Gearbox (Various Faults) £5000.00
A1 Engine (Various Faults) £5000.00
A1 Engine (Various Faults) £5000.00
RS4 Differential £4983.83
ALLROAD Gearbox (Various Faults) £4539.88
RS6 Gearbox (Various Faults) £4284.00
Q7 Oil Leaks £4039.77
R8 Gearbox (Various Faults) £3844.83
A7 Electrical £3524.60
A7 Ecu (Other) £3180.00
RS5 Gearbox (Various Faults) £3129.88
S3 Engine (Various Faults) £3084.00
A6 Gearbox (Various Faults) £2754.00