The UK’s Best BMW Extended Warranty Designed by Quentin Willson

BMW started its life as an aircraft-engine production factory and actually made many of the planes used in world war I and II. However, due to various war treaties, they were forced to change direction and now produce some of the very best cars on the market today.

BMW Car Warranty

BMW is ranked #1 in Forbes top 25 most reputable companies and for good reason. Their four cylinder engine changed the world and paved the way for almost every single fuel efficient car to exist today. This was such a game changing part of their history that they actually built BMW headquarters in Munich in the shape of a four cylinder engine.

When you consider the fact that BMW specialise in aerodynamics and jet engines (as in breaking world records), it comes as no surprise that they have come out on top in thousands of races, both track and rally. Their domination started most notably with winning the European Touring Car Championship and European Championship for F2 cars in 1973.

Stunning, aggressive looks and a reputation for power like no other, BMW’s are seen by some as the Ultimate Driving Machine. As a BMW owner, make sure you protect yourself with a BMW warranty from Warrantywise. When it comes to BMW warranty, we won’t be beaten on price or cover.

Take a look at our recent paid repairs for BMW vehicles

Model Fault Code Amount Paid
X5 Gearbox (Various Faults) £1709.70
X5 Track Rod Ends £85.99
5 SERIES Gearbox (Various Faults) £1632.50
1 SERIES E.G.R Valve £383.23
1 SERIES Engine (Various Faults) £1365.77
X5 Differential £2773.81
M4 Brakes (Various Faults) £594.47
4 SERIES Turbocharger Actuator (Wastegate) £361.08
1 SERIES Engine (Various Faults) £904.65
3 SERIES Drive Shaft £500.00
3 SERIES Sensors £274.65
X6 Timing Chain £84.00
3 SERIES Engine (Various Faults) £84.00
3 SERIES Gearbox (Various Faults) £211.31
I3 Electrical £1238.51

You can view a full list of our Paid Repairs here