Founded in 1899, Fiat is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy and currently has its headquarters in Turin. A fact that may surprise you is that Fiat also has successful manufacturing history in carriages, railway engines, tractors, military vehicles and aircraft. The G.55 fighter is widely regarded as the best aircraft Fiat ever produced.

Fiat Car Warranty

In terms of car production, Fiat are certainly a mass producer who’s standard of vehicle is constantly improving. The Fiat 500 for example was awarded European Car of the Year award in 2008 which is the first win for the company since 1967 with the Fiat 124.

In the past, the Italian based company has had a hand in many of the big names that we know today and they have used this experience to further advance their own productions. Currently, Fiat are owned by FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) which is an umbrella company to a collective of well known brands including Ferrari and Maserati.

Fiat have been a popular brand for quite some time and under FCA they may be set to get bigger and better than ever.

As a Fiat owner, make sure you protect yourself with a Fiat extended warranty from Warrantywise. We guarantee not to be beaten on price and cover for any Fiat car warranty.

Take a look at our recent paid repairs for Fiat’s below:

Model Fault Code Amount Paid
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £1853.47
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £1805.14
500 Ecu Engine £1542.75
500 Ecu Engine £1400.61
PUNTO Gearbox (Various Faults) £1143.60
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £1084.00
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £975.48
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £954.00
GRANDE PUNTO Steering Column £920.83
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £900.00
500 Cylinder Head Gasket £894.60
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £855.50
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £848.20
DOBLO Turbocharger £777.49
500 Gearbox (Various Faults) £767.06

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