Porsche made contributions to military tanks in the past too, making the chassis for the German “Elefant” Tank and designing the “Maus” super-heavy tank. 1964 saw the release of the iconic Porsche 911 which arguably was the real starting point for the company’s popularity. Massively successful in both Motorsport and the public market, Porsche went on to manufacture the 911 up to the present day and paradoxically, the model has started to define the manufacturer.

Porsche Car Warranty

Every 911 in existence today was built from the ground up at Porsche Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, which produces around 40 Boxsters, 110 911’s and around 500 engines every single day. Porsche is the largest and most successful race car manufacturer in Motorsport and have astonishingly claimed over 28,000 victories to date.

High speeds, sleek designs and quality productions are at the beating heart of Porsche. As a Porsche owner, make sure you protect yourself with a Porsche extended warranty for your car from Warrantywise. When it comes to a Porsche warranty, we won’t be beaten on price or cover.

Take a look at our recent paid repairs for Porsche’s below:

Model Fault Code Amount Paid
911 Engine £15051.63
911 Carrera 2 Engine £11750.00
911 Engine £10051.63
911 CARRERA 2 Engine (various faults) £9750.00
911 CARRERA 2 Engine (various faults) £8709.00
911 TURBO Engine (Various Faults) £5084.00
CAYENNE Engine (Various Faults) £4460.28
CAYENNE Gearbox (Various Faults) £3759.89
CAYENNE Gearbox (Various Faults) £2784.00
911 TURBO Catalyst (Exhaust) £2730.82
911 CARRERA 2 Gearbox (Various Faults) £1999.50
MACAN Transfer Box £1908.62
CAYENNE Gearbox (Various Faults) £1881.47
CAYMAN Heater Fan Motor £1800.24
MACAN Gearbox (Various Faults) £1712.55