Skoda Auto are the second-oldest manufacturer from the Czech Republic, founded in 1895 under the name Laurin & Klement, after the pair that started it. Klement wanted to start his own company after he sent a letter in Czech to a German manufacturer asking to repair his bike. A curt reply read: “If you would like an answer to your inquiry, you should try writing in a language we can understand.”

Skoda Car Warranty

The two partners began making automobiles in 1905 and never stopped. In 1990, Skoda and Volkswagen joined forces, which enabled the Czech company to step up its game and produce a higher standard of vehicles.

You might not consider Skoda to be a racing brand but amazingly, Skoda won their class in the RAC Rally for 17 years running using their 130LR Estelle and they currently hold the world record for the fastest car in the world for those with engines up to 2 litres.

Skoda’s most expensive project was actually that iconic Fabia cake we all oggled at on the television. The advert and cake cost them £500,000 to make!

Skoda are one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world and all that experience shines through in their products. As a Skoda owner, make sure you protect yourself with a Skoda used car warranty from Warrantywise. We guarantee not to be beaten on price and cover for any Skoda extended warranty.

Take a look at our recent paid repairs for Skoda’s below:

Model Fault Code Amount Paid
SUPERB Engine (Various Faults) £9271.28
OCTAVIA Engine (Various Faults) £8118.85
YETI 4X4 Gearbox (Various Faults) £6162.78
FABIA  Engine (Various Faults) £5891.23
OCTAVIA Ecu (Other) £5337.20
OCTAVIA Engine (Various Faults) £5336.22
FABIA Engine (Various Faults) £5301.22
OCTAVIA Engine (Various Faults) £5052.61
OCTAVIA Gearbox (Various Faults) £4870.21
SUPERB Gearbox (Various Faults) £4763.38
FABIA Engine (Various Faults) £4477.50
FABIA Gearbox (Various Faults) £1640.80
OCTAVIA Engine (Various Faults) £1584.00
SUPERB Engine (Various Faults) £1500.00
OCTAVIA Engine (Various Faults) £1500.00

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