Protect your Volkswagen with an award-winning used car warranty from Warrantywise

This German manufacturer has brought many innovations to the public, including windshield washersand plastic headlining. As an influential brand, VW provides the foundations for many other car manufacturers to build their respective motors on. Volkswagen also owns Bugatti, meaning that they produce the fastest car in the world (officially), the Bugatti Veyron.

Volkswagen Car Warranty

Famous for its business ideology, VW have even built an entirely transparent factory to emphasise the honesty they strive to portray to the public. Even the staff are expected to meet these expectations too with acronyms like “NBC” (Nothing But Customers), “TACH” (Treat All Customers Honestly), “ABC” (Another Beautiful Customer), “SKIT” (Simply Keep in Touch), and “APT” (A Personal Touch).

These are the values that we also hold at Warrantywise so we have built a special Volkswagen warranty for your car that we can guarantee won’t be beaten on price and the level of cover.

Take a look at our recent paid repairs for Volkswagen vehicles below:

Model Fault Code Amount Paid
TIGUAN Gearbox (Various Faults) £5673.75
CADDY Gearbox (Various Faults) £4091.92
POLO Engine (Various Faults) £3334.77
SCIROCCO Engine (Various Faults) £3084.00
SHARAN Engine (Various Faults) £2477.00
SCIROCCO Clutch (Various Faults) £2415.54
SCIROCCO Gearbox (Various Faults) £2374.00
TOURAN Clutch (Various Faults) £2294.66
POLO Cylinder Head Gasket £2280.58
GOLF Gearbox (Various Faults) £2144.04
TIGUAN Gearbox (Various Faults) £2000.00
GOLF GTI Engine (Various Faults) £1997.94
GOLF Electrical £1630.97
BEETLE Clutch (Various Faults) £1602.84
PASSAT Gearbox (Various Faults) £1584.00

You can view a full list of our Paid Repairs here